Jane’s documentaries have received widespread critical acclaim.


In April 2019, ESCAPE FROM DUBAI won the Amnesty International Media Awards 2019 documentaries category.

Escape from Dubai: The Mystery of the Missing Princess (BBC Two) has already made headlines, and no wonder – it is an extraordinary documentary, and tells a story so astonishing that at times even its participants are forced to admit that events sound far-fetched. But its director and producer, Jane McMullen, has resisted the urge to focus only on the harrowing drama of what happened to Sheikha Latifa bint Mohammed al-Maktoum, and has instead made a film that asks bigger questions of itself and its viewers: issues of money, political alliances and easily won PR; on the staggering reaches of technology; and on family, complicity and betrayal.5* review, the Guardian

Jane McMullen’s documentary was a disturbing white-knuckle thriller with the bleakest of endings” – The Times

a grimly compelling tale of ‘runaway princess’ Sheikha Latifa [which] has made Latifa’s story hit headlines all over again – and by doing so, offers some hope”The Telegraph


In February 2018, NORTH KOREA: MURDER IN THE FAMILY was nominated for the Royal Television Society International Current Affairs award.

an eye-popping insight into the dynasty whose beaming public face is podgy Armageddon fantasist Kim Jong-un. … With its unvarnished CCTV footage and expert analysis from spooks and wonks, this was a riveting forensic account of that audacious hit executed by two apparently clueless showgirls, with a contextualising life story of the unfortunate Kim Jong-nam thrown in.”  – The Telegraph

North Korea: Murder in the Family (BBC2), a timely This World documentary, picks apart the incident. And it’s absolutely riveting. As everyone who contributes says, it is exactly like something from a spy thriller: the two women who say they were duped into it, thinking they were taking part in a YouTube prank; the secret agents lurking in the background, pulling the strings, then disappearing; the autopsy and Pyongyang’s denials; the international dispute that followed. It would indeed be hard to make up.” – the Guardian


Reviews for the PBS FRONTLINE/ Panorama co-production WEINSTEIN include Variety Magazine, CNN, Wall Street Journal.

Of course the public is already quite familiar with much of what this brisk Frontline documentary efficiently outlines… But knowing the overall shape of the saga is one thing. Hearing details from the survivors — and Weinstein’s former employees — offers a bracing kind of immediacy. This documentary, a co-production of Frontline and the BBC, offers not just snippets of testimony but also a sense of powerful specificity … “Weinstein” is both a helpful primer and a necessary addition to the #MeToo movement; it’s one more brick in an large and unavoidable wall.” Variety